A Guide To Causes And Treatment Options

Flat feet used to keep men out of military service. New research suggests that women who roll their feet inward as they walk are 50 percent more likely to suffer lower back pain. There were 1,930 people in the study. Their arches were measured to see whether they had flat feet or normal or high arches. They were also asked to walk across a pressure-sensitive mat that detected pronation. This is the movement of the foot from the outer edge rolling in as a person walks. Women who pronate were more likely to have back pain.

While influential, this study’s findings were confounded by the fact that they used the same subjective method of classifying arches as high or low that was called into question by Cowen et al. Additionally, running is different than military training, so we have to keep that in mind as well. Reliability of the arch ratio test Overall, whether you have a high or low arch will not affect your risk of injury, nor should it affect what type of shoe you choose, but it could affect where you get injured. A paediatrician will be able to detect the presence of any physical impairments and their bearing upon your child’s education.

Most of the simple pieces of sandals lack arch support and have a flat inner sole or base. While this makes no difference when you use the piece for shorter duration, the same is sure to lead to knee pain, ankle pain or other foot problems when used for longer duration. Opting for one that offers a physical support for the arches is definitely a good idea. While orthopedics always recommend use of such footwear for those having flat feet or higher arches, the same is also beneficial for people having normal arch. You can buy arch support sandals depending upon your foot problem.

Diagnosis of cavus foot includes a review of the patient’s family history. The foot and ankle surgeon examines the foot, looking for a high arch and possible calluses, hammertoes, and claw toes. The foot is tested for muscle strength, and the patient’s walking pattern and coordination are observed. If a neurologic condition appears to be present, the entire limb may be examined. The surgeon may also study the pattern of wear on the patient’s shoes. Feet with high arches are artistically pleasing and very much desired for their haute couture possibilities, especially for women, but this kind of foot can be an abysmal mechanical disaster for athletes.

The wet footprint test is the ideal and easiest way to know which foot types you will belong to. If you do not know how to do it, you can start by dipping or wetting the sole of your foot and print it on a recycled shopping bag or a blank piece of heavy paper. If the shape of your footprint shows only your heel, the ball of your foot and a thin line on the outside of your foot , it means that you have high arch feet If you are experiencing heel pain from high arches, call our Rocky Hill or Middletown office to make an appointment

High arch, also called cavus foot, causes rigidity in the foot and the body’s natural ability to absorb shock is hampered. Several other problems typically occur due to high arches; heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, painful bumps on the back of the heel called bone spurs, and arch pain. The way the foot is shaped and high arched feet can be surgically corrected to change the way that it lands. The arch is typically stretched in a weird way and arch tissue gets inflamed and painful. Due to the instability bunions, or knob like structures on the side of the foot, occur and can get larger.

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