Discovery Health “How To Treat Calluses”

There are two types of corns – soft corns and hard corns. Most common type of corns is hard corn. These are usually caused due to toe deformities and ill-fitting shoes. Usually such corns develop on the top and tips of the toes and on the side of the feet. On the other hand, soft corns also known as heloma molles are usually caused by abnormalities in toes. Sometimes it is also referred as kissing corns. After half an hour, lift one foot out of the water and start to scrub it with the pumice stone. You need to do this very gently as the foot is tender after soaking.

They can occur in both hot and cold weather and are more common in women, but regularly occur in men who are less inclined to look after their feet. Medically, cracked heels are referred to as heel fissures, which are linear breaks or cracks in the surface of the epidermis (callus) at the back of the heel. One of the top most causes in the development of cracked heels is the use of improper footwear. Wearing shoes that do not fit you properly, may it be too big or too small, will lead you to experience unnecessary friction between your shoes, socks and feet which can cause irritation and itching.foot callus peel

Soak your feet in a basin of warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then use pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin on your heel. After this, apply Vitamin E oil on the heels and wear a pair of soft cotton socks to seal in the oil coat. Repeat this remedy for few days at a stretch. You will surely notice a marked improvement in the condition of your heels. Simply soaking feet in warm salt water eases the pain and discomfort caused by cracked heels. It also keeps germs away, thereby preventing infection.

With warm weather finally here, I’ve started wearing sandals, but my feet are extremely dry and rough, especially my heels. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to soften feet and get them ready for summer? I’ve also got some calluses that need some attention! I can’t afford a pedicure so have to do it myself. Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then. Oct 31, 2010 By Kay Ireland Photo Caption Get softer smoother feet with an exfoliating treatment. Photo Credit Buena Vista Images/Stockbyte/Getty Imagesfoot callus icd 9 code

On low heat, melt the paraffin wax in a saucepan. Put a small amount of sweet almond oil on your skin and rub it in. Pour the remaining oil into the wax and stir. Remove the wax from the heat and continue stirring until wax is not set, but cool enough to touch. Dip your whole foot (or hand) into the wax. Allow the wax to cool on your skin for about 5-10 minutes. Then simply peel the wax away. 6)DON’T smoke – Smoking can further reduce your circulation, causing even more complications with healing. Quit smoking as soon as possible to avoid these complications.